Hostel Homestay is located in Lakeview and the Private villa, 1.5km away

LakeView Village

Located in the heart of Yercaud town. An oasis of tranquility and bliss in the midst of hustle, bustle and organised chaos of Yercaud town. Overlooking the lake, a former coffee plantation being restored with exotic and native species of trees and plants to provide the ambiance of a private Arbouretum. The trees attract various species of birds and serve as the lungs of the growing Yercaud town. Ecological sustainability is a bold, concrete and decisive step towards leaving a small carbon footprint on the fragile environment.

Lakeview camp has been conceptualized to provide a forest ambience in the midst of Yercaud town. The mindless exploitation of the town can be contained with this concept of balancing commercial interests and preservation of the fragile environment. This is a unique opportunity for adventure travellers to help preserve the local ecosystem, enjoy the salubrious climate of the Shevaroys and practice “Shinrin-yoku” (Japanese for “taking in the forest atmosphere”, forest bathing or simply being in the forest).


Hostel Homestay is in Lakeview Village

Villa is located 1.5km from


Lakeview offers Hostel style bunk bed accomodation, raised platforms with a view for camping tents and a cabin with common bathrooms and electrical charging facilities. The campground also offers ample parking space and is fully fenced for safety.

Campers can experience an unique balance between the convenience of being in the heart of town and camping in the wilderness. The stark contrast between the lights of the town on all four sides and the stars above the trees is a sight to behold. All you need is a tent, sleeping bags and your spirit of adventure to experience this unique concept.

We encourage you to bring your children and pets. Ideal holiday to introduce children to the concept of preserving, conserving and appreciating the environment. Lakeview camp kitchen provides homestyle food made to order on prior intimation. Cauvery Peak coffee shop is located on this property and open all week from 8am- 8pm.



Rustic English style bungalow constructed in 1943 now renovated with all modern amenities. Thangavilla is located 1.5km from Lakeview Village, right in the heart of Yercaud town with spacious lawns and garden. The garden is surrounded by a variety of trees and plant species. The front lawn and outdoor dining has a capacity of 50 people. A band stand/ stage is also available to host events and parties. Thangavilla has three bedrooms, two bath and two half bath with accommodation for up to 12 people.

Thangavilla is ideal for guests who love to read, paint, listen to music, play board games and just relax. One can expect to wake up to chirping of a variety of birds. Plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the pleasant climate. Food can be ordered from Lakeview camp kitchen and served at Thangavilla.



The periphery of Lakeview serves as a jogging, trekking, bicycling, 4X4, dirt bike and ATV track covering approximately 1.3 kilometers.

Additionally an outdoor gym, Basketball hoop, Cricket field, Football pitch and equipment for the same is available for our guests staying at thangavilla and lakevview for rent in Lakeview.


Ideal for weddings, reunions, family gatherings and sporting events. There is an uncovered ground measuring approximately 10,000 sqft. There is ample parking space on the premises. Located in the heart of Yercaud town, surrounded by 9.15 acres of open space with trees, water bodies and shrubs. This oasis in the midst of a concrete jungle is very unique for special occasions. Cooking space for guests and restrooms are an added advantage.



The ultimate coffee experience tour on a 150 year old estate. It is 15kms from lakeview village at Cauvery Peak.

For the first time in India a working plantation which produces nursery seed to roasted beans and everything in between on the property! The 3.5km tour can be done either on foot or by the guests vehicle. A trained guide will accompany the guests either on foot or in their vehicle.

The tour includes a view of CAUVERY PEAK, Lake, Estate, Kombai Valley, Village Granary, Pulper Wet Mill, Coffee factory, Roasting and grinding Unit, Spices packaging area, Information Center and a Coffee Museum.


If you are lucky, you will see: Birds, Animals, The Cauvery River, and Mettur dam on the horizon
Location: Cauvery Peak Estate (15 Kms from the Lake).
Timings: 11am, 1pm, and 3pm
Duration: 1 ½ hours (approx).
Includes: Water (we have a filter, request guest to bring their own bottles).
Attire: Comfortable walking/ hiking shoes and weather protective clothing.
Cost: 600 Indian Rupees per person. Kids under 10 free.

Basic courtesy expected from guests: You will be entering an ecologically and socially sustainable 150 year old estate. Help us preserve it for the future in the present pristine condition by

  • Not picking fruits, flowers, leaves, barks, plants.
  • Not throwing plastics or other waste.
  • Not throwing stones in to water bodies.
  • We encourage you to take many pictures of the property and yourselves and share with friends and on social media.
  • We are a medium size family owned and run business and need your business and goodwill to continue to grow.

Plogging is highly appreciated and encouraged


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There are various tourist spots in Yercaud like lakes, viewpoints, gardens, waterfalls and more. For any travelers who are looking

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